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  • Max AKHL1260EAKTH13

    Max AKHL1260E Powerlite High Pressure Air compressor 500psi dual tank ultra quiet

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    • Max AKHL1260E features a Dc-Brushless Motor With Inverter Circuit
    • Automatic system adjustment for maximum performance
    • Quite mode
    • LED control panel
    • User friendly diagnostic system
    • Four air outlets
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  • HN 120HN120

    Max HN120 Powerlite High Pressure Concrete Pinner to 2-1/2in 500psi

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    • Safer than conventional concrete pinn
    • Drives .307″ head pins into concrete or steel with 2,231 inch lbs. driving force.
    • Only 6.4lbs-this lightweight tool has less recoil than P.A.T tools.
    • Self-cleaning filter for reliable operations
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  • AKHL1260EX

    Max AKHL1260EX Powerlite High Pressure Air compressor 500psi

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    • Lightweight and compact
    • Built with DC Brushless Motor that is more powerful, quieter and lighter than conventional motors.
    • An inverter circuit on the motor adjusts the RPM to extract the maximum performance depending on the voltage level.
    • LED light and beeping system that indicates problems with the compressor (i.e. high temperature or low voltage).
    • 4 Air-outlets provide flexibility | 2 outlets for high pressure tools. 2 outlets for regular pressure tools.
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  • Max HN25C Powerlite High Pressure Concrete Pinner to 1in 500psi

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    • Shoot up to 15/16 In. pins – has a washer attachment if needed
    • Slim contact nose
    • Steel pins available can shoot into steel or concrete
    • Shorter contact stroke – less effort to shoot pins
    • Depth adjustment dial
    • Patented, self-cleaning maintenance free end cap filter
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