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Max USA Rebar Tying Tools and Tie Wire

We stock only the best when it comes to Rebar Tie Guns and Tie Wire. Max USA has been a leader in concrete reinforcement tying tools since 1942. MAX product engineers concentrate on developing products with highly innovative and durable features to support the ever-evolving needs of the professionals that use them.


Match up your tying tools, tie wire, and rebar sizes

Max USA Model NumberTie Wire SeriesTie Wire SizeApplicable Rebar Size
RB401T-ETW1061T19 Gauge#3 x #3 – #6 x #6
RB611TTW1061T19 Gauge5 x #5 – #9 x #10
RB441T → Replaced By RB443TTW1061T19 Gauge3 x #3 – #7 x #7
RB398STW89821 Gauge3 x #3 – #5 x #6
RB518TW89821 Gauge5 x #5 – #7 x #8
RB218TW89821 Gauge3 x #3
RB655TW152516 Gauge8 x #9
*Max USA has replaced the RB441T with the RB443T – FIND OUT WHAT CHANGED

The RB441T is being phased out in summer 2024. It has been replaced with the RB443T. See the demo below for more information or click here for the full update!

Where are rebar tie guns used?

rebar tie gunRebar tying tools are used on projects large and small. From bridges, roadways, and commercial structures to driveways, sidewalks, and patios. Rebar tying tools are used in precast concrete forming facilities, tilt-up concrete work, foundations, retaining walls, swimming pools, walls, columns, beams, and more!

Ironworkers reinforce concrete with rebar to give the structure significantly more strength than concrete alone. In addition, the use of rebar helps prevent cracks in concrete. Having a reliable rebar tie gun saves time and money.

Who uses battery powered rebar tiers?

reinforcing iron worker using RB398 on jobRebar tiers are a must have for Reinforcing Ironworkers aka rodbusters. Reinforcing Ironworkers fabricate and place/install steel bars known as rebar into concrete forms to reinforce structures. This type of reinforcement is done almost anywhere you see concrete from a sidewalk or building foundation to bridges, roadways, and large commercial structures. The process of reinforcing concrete is labor intensive which makes having the right tools an important asset in the field. Workers must fasten bars of rebar together at joints specified within the building plans so that the bars or rebar cannot move when concrete is poured over them.

Why use a Twintier?

Max USA TwintierReinforcement iron workers use cordless rebar tie guns to secure bars of rebar together within a concrete structure. The tool saves them time on the job by completing ties in a half second or less. Additionally, our Max rebar tiers conserve tie wire by using an optimal length of wire to secure the rebar and keeping the tie height as short as possible. When a tie is completed the tool then pushes the end downward. Due to the efficiency and accuracy of the tying tools less concrete is needed to cover ties which also reduces cost.

A big reason rodbusters use a battery powered rebar tying tool is for their health.  Studies have shown that battery powered rebar tiers reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries in the upper extremities such as hand, wrist, and elbow disorders.  They are also shown to reduce the risk of back injuries and other problems in lower extremities such as knees, ankles, feet, and back. 

Health Studies & Benefits of Battery Powered Rebar Tying Tools

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