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Heyden Supply is your privately held and family run construction supply company located conveniently off of Hwy 92 in Acworth, GA just north of I-75 exit 277. Come see us for your next rebar tying tool or order online now. We serve customers locally in our many branches across the Southeast and we ship to contractors and end users nationwide. We offer same day shipping for in stock orders placed by 1PM EST M-F and all of our Max USA concrete reinforcement power tools and accessories ship for free!

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Rebar Tying Tool That Saves Money

Labor is a huge factor in considering an electric rebar tie gun. Max rebar tiers are 5x faster than tying by hand. With each tie being completed in less than one second concrete reinforcement work has never been faster. Save time and money with Twintier rebar tier tools from Max USA.

These lithium ion battery powered tie wire tying tools are the best in the business and can get up to 4000 ties per charge. Additionally, Max rebar tiers use tie wire more efficiently. As a result you waste less and boost your bottom line.

  • MAX JPL91450A 5.0AH 14.4V Lithium-Ion Battery for MAX USA Rebar Tying Tools
    MAX JPL91450A 5.0AH 14.4V Lithium-Ion Battery for MAX USA Rebar Tying Tools
  • RB218 Max Rebar Tying Tool up to #3 x #3 with 21ga wire
    RB218 Max Rebar Tying Tool up to #3 x #3 with 21ga wire
    JC925 Max Battery Charger for MAX RB398 series
  • RB655 16 gauge rebar tying tool
    RB655 MAX TwinTier 16 Gauge Rebar Tying Tool
  • RB441T TwinTier MAX USA
    RB441T BARE TOOL TwinTier MAX Rebar Tying Tool No Battery
  • RB398 rebar tying tool
    MAX USA RB398S TwinTier Rebar Tying Tool
  • RB401T-E TwinTier Stand-up rebar tying tool
    RB401T-E TwinTier Stand-Up Rebar Tying Tool
  • Max 4.0AH 14.4V Battery JPL91440A
    MAX JPL91440A 14.4V 4Ah Lithium-Ion Battery for Rebar Tying Tools – REPLACED WITH 5AH JPL91450A
  • RB611T
    MAX USA RB611T Twintier Rebar Tying Tool
  • RB441T MAX USA Twintier Rebar Tying Tool
    RB441T TwinTier MAX Rebar Tying Tool
    Product on sale
  • MAX USA RB518 TwinTier Rebar Tying Tool
    RB518 Max Rebar Tying Tool up to #7 x #8 with 21ga wire
  • RB398 rebar tying tool
    MAX Rebar Tying Tool RB398 – OBSOLETE
RB655 rebar tying tool

Single Hand Operation Rebar Tier

Workers can operate a Max rebar tying tool using only one hand leaving the other hand free to to hold rebar in place, hold several pieces together, or support the weight of their back while bending over to tie flatwork.

Tie Wire Tie Gun Health Benefits

The repetitive motion used in manually tying rebar predisposes reinforcing ironworkers to the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders. These disorders affect upper extremities such as the wrists, hands, fingers, and shoulders. They also affect lower extremities like the knees, ankles, feet, and back. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) completed a study which concluded that the use of a battery powered rebar tying tool reduces the risk of developing hand, wrist or elbow disorders. The study also found that using a battery powered tie wire gun with an extension arm helped to reduce the risk of sustaining back injuries. For detailed information on health benefits please see the CSAO Safety Report or NIOSH HEALTH HAZARD EVALUATION REPORT(HETA #2003-0146-2976).

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Don’t forget Tie Wire! Max USA recommends using only Max tie wire with their rebar tiers.