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  • wagman wcr193 kumalong - steel blade placer with no hook

    WCR193 Wagman Steel Blade Placer With No Hook

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    • Steel Blade Placer With No Hook
    • Concrete kumalong
    • 14 Gauge Steel
    • Painted Finish Resists Rust and Corrosion
    • 60 Inch Contoured and Tapered Handle

    wagman metal

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  • Wagman WX8180 Silver Power Trowel Blades 8x18

    Wagman WX8180 8x18in Combination Silver Power Trowel Blades

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    • 8in Wide by 18 Inches Long
    • Bar Mount On 48 Inch Power Trowel Machines
    • Box of 4 Trowel Blades
    • Longest Lasting Silver Blades

    Wagman Metal WX8180

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